Par-Fection is the golf predictor game where mediocrity is the name of the game.

For many predicting the winner of golf tournaments around the world is as hazardous as the Road Hole Bunker at St Andrews or a green at Augusta National....and of course there are many odds makers out there ready to capitalize on our absence of crystal balls.

At Par-fection we bring the game back to the level of mediocrity most of us are familiar with. For your average golfer Par is a great score, but at Par-Fection it is a wonderful score....can you achieve Par-Fection?

If so; then you will have the opportunity not only for bragging rights among your golfing friends, workmates in the office, gym or bar, but also the opportunity to win some great prizes. Simply select 5 golfers from our entry list of up to 50 of the entrants in any given competition to be in with a chance of achieving Par-Fection and with every entry you have the chance to win £1 million pounds....yes that's right if your selected golfers can truly achieve Par-Fection then you can win £1 million pounds.

Has your golf club or society got involved yet in creating it's own Par-Fection Network? By doing so you can raise funds to help generate income for the upkeep and enhancement of your own facilities, to raise cash for that special event, or simply for good causes at home or abroad.

From the latest golf balls, clubs and accessories through to free rounds of golf, weekend breaks and sensational ticket opportunities there will be some great prizes to be won not just in your own Par-Fection Community but across the entire global world of Par-Fection.

So what are you waiting for? Don't just watch the golfers at the top of the leaderboard...get excited by every players performance across every hole in every tournament and see how close you can get to Par-Fection.

Par-Fection - where mediocrity always wins

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